Wednesday, November 26, 2003

To All Who Hate Me

I've lost my spot as the number 1 Sherri on Google! I guess it's time to get tough!

Or not.

Yesterday's diatribe (of which I am inordinately and definately inproportionately proud) has left me thinking and aren't you shocked to learn that? No, really, I started thinking about all the spewing Xkot had to endure and what kind of person does that spewing and how I, myself, handle my own anger.

Of course, I have some conclusions. I've put them into another open letter.

To All Those Who Hate Me

Thank you for taking the time from your busy and satisfying life to hunt my site out from the literally hundreds of thousands of other sites just to correct the error of my ways with your enlightened commentary. Obviously, I will give deep consideration to the philosophical implications of "You Suck" and "Fuck Off, Bitch". Your succint manner of expression gave me an impression of your wit and intelligence that will remain with me.

In fact, I feel deeply honored that my influence upon you is so great that when I strayed into error, you were prompted to such an immediate reaction. It would have been so easy to simply ignore me and move on, never to return. That you expended the energy to hunt and peck your painstaking way through the sharing of your wisdom tells me just how important you consider me to be. Who could not be complimented? You've paused in your schedule to think about me rather than concentrating on your work on the unified field theory, your anti-AIDS vaccine, and your cure for cancer. You've given to me effort and energy that you would usually devote to saving abused children, rescuing earthquake victims and promoting world peace.

I can do no more than thank you.


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