Wednesday, November 19, 2003

So many places to stand

I was discussing my viewpoint on the Iraq war with a friend last night. I read a lot of websites written by people who aare unapoligetically anti-Bush, anti-Iraq-war, anti-Patriot Act, etc. While I don't like the Bushes and I'm not crazed ababout the extreme paranoia caused by terrorism (which is, from what I can tell, the whole point of performing acts of terrorism -- unbalancing the target) I'm ambivilant about the war. On the one hand, I think the US was lead into it with hyperbole, half-truths, and outright lies, I'm certain the world is not hurting for the loss of another totalitarian regime. I'm not certain that the US has a great reputation as a nation-builder, nor do I think we did a good job. But we've put our foot in it now and now is where we have to start making things right. It's too late to recriminate. We have to make things happen and hope they are the right things.

So reading The View from Baghdad is heartening. I've come to accept as axiomatic that being a citizen of the US means that I personally (if anonymously) am hated, reviled, and blamed for everything from mass murder to poor taste in clothes by the rest of the world, in particular those living in the Middle East. I hear only about the hate. It's nice to hear something positive. I can even handle others being ambivelent. I am ambivelent on a lot of things -- and people -- myself.

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