Saturday, November 22, 2003

Singing in the trees

Ah, the joy of last minute costume making.

Actually, that's mostly my fault, as I didn't get started on mine until yesterday, and I'm having more trouble finishing the cuffs than I thought I would.

Oh, costumes? In late November? No, no, I'm not dressing AS the turkey. Actually, a bard. And a necromancer. NERO, remember?

Certain things that other people have reported are not likely to happen to me. No one is going to try to pick me up, for example. First, I'm very married. Second, my husband will be there. Third, I'm pretty much un-pick-upable. Forth, I suspect I'll be about the oldest person there. So I'm completely safe from any untoward activity on that front.

Second, I'm used to the highly inexplicable behavior of people in costume. I attend SF conventions at least three times a year, sometimes more. I worked for years at Ren Faires. While I usually remain rather quiet, or at least unobtrusive when I'm wearing a costume, I understand the kind of temptation wearing outlandish costumes presents. Those of you who go to dance clubs probably see (or do) the same sorts of things, only you aren't carrying boffer swords (and wouldn't it be interesting if you were?)

Third, I'm performing a Non-Player Character role. That means I'm sort of like scenery. I do less of the running around stuff. I'm part of the gaming pieces.

Some time on Sunday, when it's all over, I'll tell you whether or not I'm going to do it again.

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