Thursday, November 06, 2003

Shut your mouth, Drive the car

Traffic-Signal Control Devices Threaten Chaos. Imagine that. Some people want to change the lights to suit their own convenience. Can you believe it?

*yawn* What some people won't sell on eBay.

In an interesting juxtaposition, I have to take traffic school, four hour course, tomorrow. You can do it online, for about $40.

No, I didn't get a ticket. My boss did.

Yeah, that requires explanation. My boss drives some manner of Jaguar (it's really just a Ford) and he drives fast. It's a green two door tan ragtop low slung affair and he rips and roars around this redneck-ranchland-turned Wal-mart-Suburbia in his best New York Italian manner. And he got caught speeding, for about $50, by a polite highway patrol man. So he has to take driving school to get the points off his license. And he doesn't want to because, well, he's ...him. Bosszilla. Complete with mighty roar and nuclear garlic breath.

Me? I'm a contract employee. I show up when there's work to do, for $20 an hour. Sounds good, except I work maybe 16 hours a week, sometimes less. So, tomorrow I'm doing traffic school. Yeah, I'm pretty certain there's a moral issue here. Traffic school is really supposed to be a sort of punishment, not an actual learning experience. You go to be bored and intellectually numbed because that will pay your debt to driving society. So it's a little like the days when rich people would pay some poor schmuck to represent them in the army of the King/Queen for the latest set of wars (17th century? 18th? I can't remember.) But no amount of traffic school is going to change his driving habits, and he's paying me to do this for him. So while my moral compass is spinning some, I don't think I've damned myself to hell or driven huge spikes into the impermeable wall of my integrity.

I warned him that he better buy Dunkin Donuts tomorrow or he's gonna fail really embarrassingly.

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