Thursday, November 06, 2003

Share the Love

Ok, so in a bit of lemming behavior, I'm doing what Buzz at Buzzstuff is asking -- Blog It Forward. Pick a site I like and honor it here.

My problem is picking one.

You've possibly noticed the Blogroll list over to the left there. Those are my current favorite sites, but only a small portion of the sites I read daily. Right now I'm in a state of finding new sites, new people to read and talk with. I can't possibly select a single site as being one most deserving of attention right now. Why? Well...I wouldn't want anyone else to feel slighted! I love them all for different reasons! Some of them are sites belonging to friends. Some are favorites because of the comments and discussions that go on. Some make me laugh, some make me think, some turn me on to latest and greatest things, some are just amusing.

Besides, if I pick one, I'm certain that everyone else will hate me, and the person I pick will think I'm brownnosing or something. It'll get ugly. I'll be paranoid. Like I am right now because I can't remember if I put Buzzstuff in my Blogroll and I feel sort of committed to doing it because I've linked his site here and I really enjoy it and...I don't want him to hate me or anything.

You think maybe I take all this stuff too seriously?

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