Saturday, November 29, 2003

Random thoughtlets

1) It is almost legitimately cold. No, I'm not such a thin blooded, hot house flower to think that 40 degrees F is actually cold to the tough pioneer spirited inhabitants of the Northlands, but...I check the weather news. I've seen the people up there put on sweaters when it's in the 40's. Serious sweaters, such as I don't own.

2) Just like heat, cold is worse when it's damp.

3) The term "Flaming Asshats" sounds so much like the name of a band that I actually have a logo design floating in my head. If I had any graphic talent whatsoever I'd create it just because it makes me laugh.

4) There is antique shopping ahead of me. I know diddly bupkiss about antiques, so most of my shopping will consist of "Ooooo Pretty" and "My aunt had one of those."

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