Saturday, November 01, 2003

Pretty good day for a Saturday

Our street was unusually quiet last night -- didn't hear anyone going up and down. Of course, I think all of three houses had lights on. We watched "Bulletproof Monk", which was fair (if terribly predictable, but then, it was SUPPOSED to be.) and I still think Chow Yun Fat is just too cool for shoes. The man is either terribly centered or takes all the right drugs.

Did a little design tweaking last night as well. The only thing I can't figure out is why some of the gifs have a little white line around them -- they were all made from the same objects, just duped in Image Composer. Ah well, something to diddle with later. And yes, I do indeed read multiple books at a time (well, not at the exact same time). They tend to be located in different places around the house and I use a lot of bookmarks. TECHNICALLY, I've got a lot more than 3 books going, but several have sort of drifted off to a shelf, waiting until I think about them again. How can I have so many books I'm reading and yet not read scads of books? Tis a mystery.

Today's events are a hayride and possibly dinner out. I'm not quite sure what the hayride is about, but we were invited in a sort of last minute way and, hell, it's not like I've got so many pressing engagements that I can't chose. I'll let you know what happens, or if I have a great thought or anything.

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