Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Pointy End Goes Into the Other Man

I never realised how far out of context that line could go until just now...stop that snickering.

There are rumors that Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones may do a sequel to The Mask of Zorro. I can't say I loved that movie, but I certainly liked it enough to buy it on VHS, although that had as much to do with Anthony Hopkins being in it as anything else. This story says that he might also be reprising a role for the movie -- which is an interesting thought, since Diego de la Vega *died* at the end. Flashbacks? Ghosts? Weird resurrections? The mind reels.

I'm always a little skeptical about sequals, especially those made some years after the original. Then again, the first wasn't exactly an intellectual challange to watch, so as long as there are buckled swashes and assorted swordplay, how bad can it be? (ok, maybe that's optimistic.)

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