Sunday, November 16, 2003

Philisophical Exchange

Actual E-mail conversation

ASW: Oh- did I tell you about the online baseball league I am in? XXXX runs it thru his site: I am the Sgt Grump you'll see mentioned occasionally on his blog. Our league is set in Middle Earth; I am the Owner/GM of the Bree Cheese.

Me: You are and remain one of the incredibly normal weirdest people I know

ASW: OK- what do you want? Why are you flattering me?

Me: For the purpose of making you paranoid. It entertains me.

ASW: You always were cruel to me.

Me: Well being nice to you always made you paranoid, so I gave up on it.

ASW: Just when were you ever nice to me? I met you at Chi-Chi's hoping to get laid. Not only didn't I get laid, but you took over control of my life. I was trapped! Jeesh.

Me: I bought you that train chamber pot for Christmas.

ASW: As a constant reminder that Life is Shit. :-p

Me: And this conflicts with your personal philosophy how?

ASW: It doesn't.

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