Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Last night was not a good night for sleeping, and so I'm feeling foggy and undirected this morning.

I stayed up rather late last night, long after Husband had curled up on his side and started making those cute little snoring noises. About the time I thought to turn off the light, he rolled over.

Husband and I have long had bed sharing issues. We have a queen sized bed and his favorite side is 8-10 inches over the center to where I am. We also have 6 cats, at least 4 of which feel the bed is not only their personal place, but that the bed is improved with the presence of one human. When there are two humans in the bed, we have conflicts. I've learned to sleep in the lower right corner of the bed as a result.

So he rolled over, ostensibly (i'm sure he'd say) to cuddle with me, which is fine and nice as long as my ass isn't hanging over the side. I have a lot of issues concerning my ass hanging over the side of *anything*. I'm not particularly interested in going to therapy to face my ass-hanging fears. I think they are sensible and healthy.

So I went to sleep in the spare room. This confused the cats. It also confused the husband when he woke up around 3 am and found me gone. He came to the spare room, laid down next to me, and cuddled -- my ass off the side of the bed. I relented, and returned to our bed (after shoving a few opportunistic cats out of the way). I was having weird dreams involving going over the border into China to rescue someone, only it was someone else's suicide mission and there was a letter and a party...I went back to sleep. Back to China, too, only this time to hitchhike around with a friend of mine, only he didn't want me to bring my laptop and I wasn't sure I could live without my laptop.

I'm not holding out hope for a productive day.

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