Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Is EverCrack Addictive?

Yahoo! News - Video Games Are Addictive as Work

1) Work is addictive? Maybe for certain really sick people
2) Everquest (and other games) are addictive in that many people prefer them to other things, like eating and sleeping.
3) My friends who play indicate their need to get back to the game by smacking the inside of their arm, as if raising a vein.
4) There's something wrong when people can sell imaginary/virtual game items for REAL MONEY on eBay. I'd call that a sign of addition.
5) There is a cure. Poverty (having to close your account and sell your computer) brings on an amazing response. When poverty isn't an option, friends and family can stage an intervention. Hit the power. Haul the addict under a shower (they tend to need it) and outside. Show them the stars. Anytime they same the words "Drop" or "Mob", smack them.

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