Saturday, November 15, 2003

I'd take pictures

Well, today was a mixed bag. Awakened by a phone call from my mother in law to 1) lodge a complaint that Husband had not sent her some email information she wanted and 2) to check my dress size for a potential Christmas present. I just hope she doesn't by the "cute, wheat colored" ANYTHING. I can't wear yellow, or colors approaching yellow, or even colors that think they might be somewhere close by yellow. Trust me, I have pictures of me wearing yellow. It's a Bad Thing.

Then husband and I drive up to Gainesville to attend the afternoon performance of "Miss Saigon". We try to do something "cultural" every few months, and the tickets were sort of an accident anyway. So we were seated right on the orchestra. The play was...loud. Extremely amplified and LOUD. It might have been good -- I really couldn't tell. All I could tell for sure is that various numbers were designed to be tear jerkers (they got Husband, but I was immune, mostly because I was holding my hands over my ears -- did I mention it was LOUD? Like Rock Concert Loud?) and the woman playing Kim had some trouble keeping a really good voice in tune. Tune it or die, in my little world.

Husband remarked that his ears were ringing when it was intermission. So, we walked over to the Natural history museum, admired a lot of cool stuff, and drove home. How did Miss Saigon end? I may be crass and hardhearted and etc. etc. but I could really care less. The only really impressive parts of the show were the set design (high class and very effective) and the guy playing The Engineer (Cracked me up AND could sing).

So, we drove home and built a fireplace.

No, I'm serious. It came in a two box kit. If I knew where the digital camera had gone I'd take pictures.

It's a ventless fireplace -- basically a mantle with a firebox and a cement "Log" to hide the cans of jell fuel. It looks pretty good and does all the basic fire stuff, only no wood to cut and no ashe to clean out. Whoo hoo. Perfection. And, if we decide we don't like it in the living room, it can be MOVED. There's a wall in the bedroom where it might look nice...

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