Friday, November 07, 2003

Friday list

1) Got through 3 of the four hours of online traffic school. The only people on the road with right-of-way are pedestrians. The law only dictates who must YIELD right of way. Who'da thunk?

Spent a lot of time waiting for the little timer to work to the end so I could go on to the next section.

2) No donuts. Bagels. Eh, I was hungry. There will be donuts, tho. I know these things.

3) Almost done with "Slan". Am also halfway through "How to Read Literature Like a Professor". Will get it on my list, possibly, before I finish it. "Slan" is pretty slick for a book published in 1940 (she said with a slightly wry wrinkling of her upper lip.)

4) In "waiting on husband" mode. He went to pay business sales tax and pick up stuff from the storage unit before we head off to the arts and craps show set up. As is typical of Florida, it might rain tomorrow, it might not, but it's DEFINATELY going to be uncomfortable. What's up with this 77% humidity in NOVEMBER?

He's been gone a little longer than maybe was necessary. But if I call him, I'll find him about a block away. Works out that way a lot. My sense of time is scarily precise. Or completely out of control, depending on how you look at it.

5) I dreamed this morning that I was trying to pack and get dressed so I could haul my duffle outside and steal a helicopter. I was in some godforsaken place like Afganistan. I had several pair of glasses I kept dropping. One pair had a single, triangular lense set in the middle. I picked those up and knew they weren't mine.

6) My first NETFLIX dvds arrived. I rented "Spirited Away", "Silk Stockings", and "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

7) I was right about the phone thing. The Husband just pulled up. Must go.

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