Saturday, November 29, 2003


There's always a dilemma in my teeming little brain when it comes to writing about other people, especially people I know. I mean, yes, any interaction I have is part of my life and thus open territory for writing. But, anything I say is also about that person and thus about his or her life and on that score I'm less certain of my rights and responsibilities. How much should I say? What is too much? Should I speak at all? Should I ask permission? What if the person is another weblogger and very likely to read this site?

Fuck it. I met Xkot. He drove up from Jacksonville to meet the Husband and me for a few hours.

Things I noticed about Xkot.

1) Oh yes, believe him when he talks about being tall. He is impressively tall. He does it well. Not everyone is tall properly, but he's quite expert.
2) He's much better looking in person than any of his photographs led me to believe.
3) I'm risking embarrassing him by saying all this, but I'm hoping it will be more "aw shucks" than "damn bitch!"
4) We had a tremendously good time with him, just talking and eating Italian food. I did not tease him about his loathing of vegetables.
5) He's pretty funny, and I mean that in the "ha ha" way. We laughed a lot.

I always overthink my way around such situations. I wonder if I'm being pushy. Or am I not being welcoming enough? Am I talking too much or too little? Am I babbling because I'm nervous? Did I say something wrong? Why was what I said funny and can I say something like it again? It's like having brain chihuahuas --l ots of yapping and scampering and little toenails on the wood floor, but nothing much accomplished.

In any case, it was a good way to spend an afternoon. Tomorrow we leave our little slice of paradise and head back to the land of cats and day jobs.

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