Thursday, November 13, 2003

Chatty Chatty Chatty

Why so many posts today? Why such mood swings? Why such a scattering of links hither and yon?


I noticed it yesterday afternoon. Just under my chin, between the bones of my jaw, there's a golf ball. Well, I think it's a golf ball, although I can't be sure of dimensions and I can't feel any dimples (and the dimple pattern makes a difference as to whether it is a PGA legal golf ball). Anyway, there wasn't a golfball there when I got up that morning, so I was, understandably I think, curious as to where it had come from, why it was there, and what my future would be with it.

The golf ball has now been joined by some frozen peas along the right side of my jaw. My husband (who has studied anatomy and thus knows these things) said. "Ah, your lymph glands are swollen. You must be fighting an infection."


So I'm distracted by this golfball in my neck and the frozen peas that I feel in my jaw every time I turn my head, and the slowly growing awareness of pain in those areas. My attention is wandering. I suspect that -- just in time for a weekend filled with plans for dinner with friends, a stage show, and some household projects -- I am going to get sick. Sick as in sore throat, no voice, miserable sinuses, and lots of Kleenex.

I'm posting a lot. My attention span lasts about long enough to get to the end of a post. Get used to it.

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