Saturday, October 11, 2003

Wire Spaghetti

I love my husband. I want to say this right up front.

Today, I am emptying the computer desk in preparation for removal. No, we aren't moving, just the desk, because it's too big and neither of us use it for more than a place to hold crap. Anyway, I've gotten most of the loose stuff off and out of the drawers and all, and now I'm trying to remove the computer periphrials and this is the problem.

My husband set up most of the computer perfs on that desk. He's pulled things out and put things back and moved this and that over the course of a couple of different routers and modems and other things. For every one of these things there are at least two wires. In our particular case, those two wires are wound around at least six other pairs of wires, which are wrapped at least 3 times around every other wire, forming a sort of electrically powered macrame.

So I'm back there trying to pull all this apart in my typical logical manner -- that is, picking up one piece of something and following it to it's wirey conclusion -- and trying to unwind this carefully constructed monstrosity when I find a new wire. I follow it along and -- woo hoo -- it's not plugged into either one of the two power strips or into the triple plug that is somehow tangled into all this. So I hunt down the other end to find what device was attached and...there was nothing. No device. This cord had been woven into the macrame so long that it remained even after whatever device it had connected was removed and taken away.

That's my husband in action. Me? I'm too anal for that. I have to have the device, the cables, the book, the old box and the receipt before I'm happy. I don't even know what device this wire was plugged into.

In our house there is a large plastic box (that will be developing a twin soon) that holds all the strange and unidentified wires. I've a very nice Casio keyboard I can't use because the power supply/cord has vanished somewhere and the power supplies we HAVE in the box don't work with it. Why? Because my husband unplugged it once and moved the keyboard without taking the cord with it. Now the cord has died and gone to cord heaven and I can't use my nice Casio keyboard.

It's a gift, it must be. I don't think I could braid those cords any tighter. If they weren't the only things that powered all the goodies, I'd use scissors.

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