Thursday, October 23, 2003

They just aren't making TV shows like this anymore

I find this interesting not because I'm either mourning or trumpeting their demise (I've never gotten to watch them and hey! They're in Dutch, of which I understand nothing) but because of one quote.

"I think it's true of most Western European countries compared with the United States: We're less sensitive to eroticism and sex, and more sensitive to violence."

And I'm pondering that because I think it's true. If you were to present a highschool boy of my generation (since they are the ones I know best) with the choice of kissing another man or shooting him with a gun, I think a fair number would pick up the gun. I think a disturbingly large portion of the highschool girls I knew would concur with the choice. And when presented with a highly violent movie and a highly erotic movie and asked which was more shocking, I'd suspect the highly erotic movie would have caused more discomfort.

But why?

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