Friday, October 31, 2003

The Scariest Night of the Year

Tonight is the night my husband and I will close and lock all the windows and doors, pull down all the shades, and retreat to the rear room of our house. The TV will be turned down lowand almost all the lights will be off. We will talk very little. And we will wait.

I love giving out candy to the little kids in their cute little costumes. It's funny to see the parents standing near the street or just beyond the porch light, reminding the demons and pirates and witches and fairy princesses to say "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank you". I miss it.

Too many Teens, you see.

There's nothing wrong with a teenager going trick or treat. Really. However, I feel they should wear a costume. And not carry a Hefty bag. It's also nice if they have at least a token Small Child with them. Otherwise, when I open the door and stare up at three or four kids all taller than I am, at least two of them smoking, I feel a little bit as if I'm in danger.

If you're sixteen, you're probably arguing with your parents about how much of an adult you are, so you should be allowed to stay out late or go to that club or have your bf/gf over without a chaparone or any number of other grown-up things. Acting like a 9 year old is not helping your position. If you're sixteen, you should not be going door to door begging candy. You should be at a party, or with a group of friends watching scary movies. You should get a part time job if you want to buy some Hershey's Minis and some candy corn.

We've got a lot of high school kids in this area. I don't know any of them. The porch light is off at my house.


I've succumbed, at long last, to Netflix. Blockbuster has become onerous -- the selection is limited, I never seem to get the DVDs returned on time, and it's pricey. Plus there's the whole "get there before everything is gone" problem, and the "80 copies of stuff I don't want and 2 copies, both out, of what I do want". And it's not uncommon for the Husband and I to search the store and not find ANYTHING we want to see.

But I still feel like I'm running late to catch a trend. I just hate that feeling.


The Reading went pretty well last night. It's the second performance of the DR Reader's Theatre and now we are getting ready to "formalize" things -- well, you know, pretend like we are more than just a bunch of local folks who like to show off and get a little more serious. We've got some excellent performers in the group, and some mediocre ones, and a few with more enthusiasm than talent, but it's ok, this is a community thing and no one (except maybe the bookstore) is making any money. On the other hand, a lack of clear rules creates all kinds of situations. Being the sort of bossy bitch I am -- I always know the best way to do anything -- I'm putting together the package of stuff. Whoo hoo.

Now we are getting ready for a Christmas program that DOES NOT include "A Christmas Carol". Whoo hoo once more!

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