Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Princess of Tidiness

Ugh. 5 days later and I'm STILL working on the library. There are three distinct, if shrinking, piles yet to be dealt with. Matches and lighter fluid are beginning to be attractive.

Actually, the room looks pretty damn good compared to it's previous condition. I mean, there are wide stretches of floor actually UNCLUTTERED. You can see the couch. You can walk around the shelves. You can see most of the books, and REACH THEM. I admit to being pleased.

Last night we went to Home Depot in search of a narrow bookshelf and a small rug for said room. The cats immediately attacked the little rug, clawing and rolling and taking short naps on it, which means it needs vacuuming already. We spent most of the evening sitting in there and watching the cats declare ownership of the rug. It was much funnier to watch than it is to describe.

I assembled the bookcase today and put all the albums in it. ALL the albums. So far, it hasn't fallen over. Score a point for me. My fingers and shoulders ache, though. Every rough surface managed to snag me and make my delicate little fingertips sore.

I'm also planning things for around here. I've added to the photo galleries, and I'm getting ready to add in a link to my old journal site for those who are just too darn curious (as B-squared so wisely points out, why waste all that writing?)
Got to redo a little there and so forth, but, still, it fulfills my packrat needs and doesn't take up floor space. I'm ready to sit down and mess with it, because hauling all that stuff wore me out. Keep your eye on that left side list.

Oh, and Matrix Reloaded arrived. So I'm gonna be sitting down ANYWAY....

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