Sunday, October 12, 2003

An Opinion

I don't know exactly what it is about seeing Kill Bill that caused one to have an irresistable urge for Dunkin' Donuts, but you have been warned.

Kill Bill managed to make me laugh at some really horrible things. It dragged a lot of horrible ideas forward and cast them into such an absurd light that your only choices were screaming or laughing. For example looking down onto a restaurant dance floor filled with some 80+ groaning, screaming, bleeding or dead men and women -- all wearing black suits, white shirts, black ties, and wearing black masks -- after watching one yellow jumpsuited woman kick all their asses, or more correctly, cut off assorted body parts and stabbed them a lot -- I had to laugh. I kept remembering the interview with Uma Thurman and how she talked about the syrup used for the blood. The crew flavored it, she said, with mint for when she had to have it in her mouth. I wondered if they used cherry or grape or cinnamon. I wonder how many gallons of the stuff they went through while filming this movie. I wonder if it could possibly be a world record.

Intense? That's hardly a word for it. I haven't seen any Tarantino films before -- at least, not all the way through -- and I've only seen a small selection of the various genres from which he's drawing for this film. Still, I got caught up in it -- in the humor, the emotion, the action. The moments that were most extreme for me were not really in the big fights.


For example, when The Bride wakes up from her coma and realizes she is no longer pregnant, the scream of pain and longing went right through me, and I really felt sympathy for her loss -- which, I realise, was greater than her suffering from the attempted murder. Then, shortly after this, when the orderly brings in the "john" to rape her -- this was so twisted and sick that, as awful as his particular death was, I didn't find myself reactiong much to it.


So, I'm waiting for February to see "Pt 2". Despite all the fuss and furor and accusations concerning the splitting of this movie, I found myself grateful. First, the movie ended at a good spot -- our "heroine" had successfully completed half her mission and she'd set up events for the next, and the "villian" dropped a real cliffhanging question. I don't know that I would have made it through 3 +hours at the level of intensity "Pt 1" kept at -- I was wound when the movie ended, and I needed the break. Maybe on a second viewing I could sit through the whole thing ( and I imagine that's how it will appear on DVD) but for a first watch, the pause to catch breath is a good thing.

Even the after-movie sugar rush feels like I'm coming DOWN.

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