Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I used to have a Micky Mouse record player. It was the second record player of my life, the first being a portable turn table in a dark grey plastic case. The Micky Mouse player was in a white plastic case, rather large, and inside the lid was a picture of Micky. He wore a white and light blue striped shirt. His sleeve ended where the tone arm started. The needle was housed in his plastic white gloved hand.

I'm not sure exactly when I got this wonder, but it was somewhere after 8 years old. Probably for Christmas.

I didn't have a lot of kids albums when I was young. I think I had one Chipmunks album that I sort of liked, and I had a children's choir Christmas album I played to death. I had a lot of 45s that had been my mothers (lots of classic stuff from the 50's and early 60's which, my mother being who she was, were all thrown away/dissappeared to make room for all new ones. I'm not sure why, exactly, either, but man-o-man I wish I still had THOSE.) I also had Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" and Loggins and Messina's "Full Sail".

I had that white plastic record player, with it's rubbly outer surface and cheerful Micky face, probably until I was 13 or so. I remember when my mom and stepdad offered to buy me a stereo -- in the time before boom boxes and bookshelf systems, if you weren't buying a component system, you could purchase these "all in one" systems. One big box that would have a radio, a cassette (or 8-track) player/recorder, and a turntable, paired with a couple of half-assed speakers. I didn't want this thing -- I don't remember why, because it WAS a step up. I think it was part of the "hey stop trying to change my life" thing I developed at 13. Again, my mom, bless her, worked at a Holiday Inn and when the hotel redecorated, they unloaded a LOT of furniture -- all of it covered in orange peel fomica and in bright shades of yellow and orange, with chrome legs. She brought home this HUGE ass desk -- orange, my absolute least favorite color -- and put it in my room without asking me. It was a surprise. She was so pleased.

I went into the garage and cried until I could face it.

In any case, the huge desk eventually housed the new stereo, which I accepted because 1) it was beginning to look silly to play Queen's "Night at the Opera" under Micky's grinning mug and 2) I'd spent two weeks with my brother Ed and HE had one of those stereos and let me listen to it a lot. I eventually became totally addicted to my stereo, and my album collection began growing. My allowance went to albums and books, pretty much exclusively.

Now I have a few hundred albums and 45's and a turntable hooked to a computer. I feel like I'm time traveling.

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