Tuesday, October 07, 2003

New Rags II

Ok, a couple of little tweaky things to mess with, but everything WORKS. Ahh.

Did I mention that B of Weirdsmobile did this? He's an amazing individual. And I'm going to talk about him, so he can be embarrassed and modest and all that, because that's what he's like. Or he'll stand on a chair, pound his chest with his fist and forget how to use pronouns for a little while, until the bruises on his chest start to hurt.

I've never met B. We've talked online and in email. He's my idea of "cool online person". He doesn't think of himself as "cool online person". I imagine he'd describe himself more as "socially inept, terribly insecure, geeky man -- with dogs." He's clever and funny as hell, and terribly hard on himself. He hides a lot of pain with humor, which is the usual source of humor anyway.

He's also the master of the quick-change weblog design. I swear, he must have had this one sitting in a desk drawer just waiting, he turned it back to me so fast. I'd have never, never, EVER had the guts to pick that jpg. Not me. Oh no. And, while I like it, at the same time it sticks in my head as being -- well, far too cool and confident for me.

Isn't it weird the impression we develop of people we barely know? That link list over there -- I've personally met three of the people linked. Every person there is someone I think is just too cool for wheels. I think of them as these confident, funny, intelligent, well spoken people. I wish I was more like them. I feel like they are all shiny, slender debutants in the pretty dresses, while I'm the fat cousin invited to the cotillion because auntie so-n-so made them, and my dress is actually puce and I don't know how to dance anyhow so I hang out near the punch bowl and eat the little cookies when I hope no one is looking.

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