Sunday, October 19, 2003

It's hard thinking up titles, since I'm never sure what I'm going to talk about

I'm just not that clever. Or stable.

I'm starting to feel confident about this little weblog thingie here. I've got the old site -- bad links and all -- up again for the morbidly curious, and I'm thinking about some of the other things I've always wanted to do with a website and never really managed to make happen.

And I'm listening exclusively to the Electronica channel on Spinner. That's Rien's fault. He's the big trance fan and sends me CDs and tapes. I haven't quite gotten into trance, but I'm heavily enjoying this mix channel.

It's convenient to blame Rien for things. First, he's a very long way off and not likely to paper my house for it. Second, he's an instigator at heart and likes to have his influence recognized. Third, he has this perfect shrug that tosses everything right onto the floor.

I'm not blaming him for things like strange smells in the house, though. I have cats and a husband to blame for that. No, Rien is pretty much availble only for web-related and music-related stuff. Still, it's awfully convenient. If I say I like electronica and someone gives me that look -- you know the one, you're probably using it right now -- I can just imitate Rien's shrug and say "Hey, it's Rien's fault. He introduced me to it." and leave it at that. I mean, I've already as much as admitted I'm unable to think for myself and in thrall to Rien. I just hope no one is so committed to changing my particular opinion that they decide an intervention is necessary and attempt to convert me to -- oh, I dunno, pop-country or evangelical chant-beat-- so that I have to defend my total belief in the Cult of Rien and scream about my musical freedom and kick someone in the shins.

I mean, who wants to go to all that effort anyway?

Ah, a perfectly unsullied day. Didn't do much. Didn't feel the need. Enjoyed sunshine and cool breezes and I made the bed. Oh, and washed my hair just so I could let it dry in the sun. Perfection.

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