Sunday, October 26, 2003


If you are among the nice, clean, purehearted of this great country of ours, you may be unfamiliar with the venue I'm about to discuss. Let me define a "con" as I am using the word. "Con" is short for "Convention", in particular a convention of fans of science fiction movies, TV shows and books, fantasy movies, TV shows, and books, comic books, computer or video games, RPG (not to be confused with the video games erroneously also refered to as RPG), anime, or any number of sub catagories describeing the type of fun geeks have when they gather in large groups. A Con is when such people gather en masse at a hotel or group of hotels for the purpose of admiring those who produce material in favorited genres, to peruse and acquire such material goods as may pertain to their particular fandom, discuss and debate said fandoms, wear costumes in public places without fear of arrest, and party with much alcohol.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday -- Necrocomicon. Husband doing massage, me selling jewelry and buttons. Oh, the dealer's room of a small con.

This is a local show, and one we've done for several years, so we know a lot of people. At any con, we are either in the dealer's room, the art show, or both. This means we don't "do" the con. We are working. We don't party. We go back to our hotel room and fall asleep, because we have to spend the next day being nice to people in order to trade our goods and services for their money.

I used to do cons for fun. They were fun. It was like a gathering of the tribes where ancient rituals were performed and the traditions so revered by those before us were confirmed and passed on for another year. It was a chance to venerate the heros. It was a chance to not sleep for three days, to have sex with someone you'd potentially never see again, to wear outlandish clothes and have people admire you for it. Lots of positive energy.

Now I work at a con. There is little or no fun except that which I make for myself. I can't go to any programming because I have to be at my booth. I can't wander the art show at leisure. i can't roam the halls people watching. I can't run around to meet celebrities. I have to be at the booth. I can't stay up late because the dealer's room opens early and I have to be at the booth.

Is my general sense of exhaustion coming through these words?

Why do we do it? $1000 minus expenses for 3 days work and the chance to hang with friends we don't get to see that often.

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