Saturday, October 18, 2003

At last, I have evidence

Thanks to Rien I can at last speak with confidence when I say I am a woman.

Actually, if the link works and my particular little chart shows up, my locator places me fairly in the middle of the statistical spread. I am a woman because I know that clams are alive.

Which has its own set of connotations. We shan't go there.

Husband took the same test. He's more female than I am. He also knew that clams are alive. AH well.

Interestingly, if you say the test is wrong, it responds by saying that you (the test taker) are a medical mistake, an anomaly of nature. I take it to mean that no matter what answers you pick, the test will say you are female. I'm tempted to test this theory by taking the test again and answering everything to the reverse of what I did the first time, except that I landed smack in the center of the statistical spread, so I'd most likely end up there again. Or I could just pick the left hand answer each time...or not waste my time on a silly test.

I'm still laughing. And I will state, for anyone who cares to know, that my husband is demonstrably more male than I am.

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