Monday, October 27, 2003

Another Morning After

I read over last night's entry. If I had any dignity left, I'd correct some of those creative spellings. On the other hand, I think it shows more clearly exactly where I was.

I'm in a slightly better place today. Of course, it's still early and I am supposed to spend some "quality time" with the MIL this afternoon. On the one hand, I'm reasonably sure that it will be fine, nothing in particular will happen, and all will be well. On the other (there's a good reason we come equipped with two) I am trepidatious that there is a "You must do something about your husband" talk or a "You have to really think about ...." talk or some other type of talk in the offing. Something that equals "You Really Should Fix This".

Ya know, I don't see a lot of broken stuff in my life. Oh, the facade on the dishwasher door fell off for mysterious reasons and won't reattach, but the dishwasher itself still works fine. I don't think of that as "broken". I think of it as "cosmetically impaired". Other than that, everything seems good. The marriage is clicking along in fine marital fashion. I'm reasonably healthy, as are the Husband, the Cats, the Dog and the Birds. I even have four live plants in the house.

Well, that could be it. I have Too Much. I have too much fat on my body. I have too many books. I have too many cats. I have too much hair growing from my head. I spend too much money. I have too much dust on my shelves. I have too much time on my hands.

Maybe we will just go to the mall and have dinner. Yeah. That's where I'll put my thinking.

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